Ahrefs WebMaster Tools: New Free Tool For Your Digital Strategy In 2020

What Is Ahrefs (a)?

Ahrefs. Any Digital Marketing professional who has spent at least a week learning and working on SEO recognizes that Ahrefs is a super powerful tool for a website to rank well. This time, we will tell you about a free resource from this company that is giving a lot to talk about, and yes, we mean Ahrefs Webmaster Tools.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools is a 100% free SEO tool that offers anyone the ability to analyze and obtain very valuable information from any website they own – or not – so they can start making data-driven decisions in order to attract more traffic to your website.

Now, our intention with this article is to show you for sure what this tool can contribute to your strategies, starting by naming the main functionalities it offers.


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How To Use Ahrefs?

In principle, Ahrefs Webmaster Tools allows you to analyze a website through 7 functionalities in 2 main sections: Site Explorer Tool and Site Audit Tool. Let’s see them in more detail!

Site Explorer Tool

As its name suggests, this functionality of the Ahrefs tool allows you to thoroughly analyze everything that has to do with the performance of your page.

That is, you can have a complete perspective of:

  • how your keywords are ranking, the search volume for each one, and the challenges they are facing;
  • you with respect to backlinks, that is, the number of links that point to you and where they come from;
  • the number of keywords you rank organically, as well as their growth or decline.

Also, with the Site Explorer Tool you can access with just one click to hundreds of reports that can guide you to find elements such as broken links, even ideas for new and relevant content.

This section is a Digital Marketing tool that any professional would pay to have, but Ahrefs offers it completely free! And yet another one is missing.



Site Audit Tool

On the other hand, this functionality allows auditing —obviously— your entire website to find the problems, errors and difficulties that keep it from the best possible optimization.

This is thanks to an analysis of more than 100 common mistakes that are usually made in technical SEO , which will generate a super detailed report on a weekly or monthly basis.

In addition, it will give you a visual panel in real time of the “health” of your site in terms of SEO through a score that goes from 0 to 100. What gives you the possibility of with just a short glance to recognize how good – or bad – is your page.

The good news is that Ahrefs Webmaster Tools will accompany you throughout this process, collecting all the information to keep track of all those problems and will tell you when you have solved each one.


Another important point of Ahrefs Webmaster Tools is that it offers multiple databases from different countries, which is essential for companies that want to map their international organic presence.


Yes now! Let’s talk about the 7 main functionalities that the tool offers to any user for free.

Main features of Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

1. Health monitor of your sites

Yes, we have just recently seen it, but it is important to mention it because within the Site Audit Tool you will find a graph that, in essence, will tell you the percentage of pages analyzed and that do not contain errors.


So when you see this number go down you can safely recognize that something is not working as it should and you can put your hands to work. The issues that Ahrefs takes into account for this score are:

  • mistakes,
  • alerts
  • and notifications.

2. Keyword positioning

With just a couple of clicks, you will be able to see all the keywords that your site is ranking at any given time, as well as a robust amount of information such as:

  • an approximate monthly search volume;
  • keywords that find it difficult to rank;
  • the accumulated monthly traffic;
  • your current position.

All this represents an opportunity to find areas where to put the work to grow, for example, you can find keywords for which you had no idea that your content was positioned and, by making a few small adjustments, to gain visibility.

3. Download your backlinks

If you ask any Marketing agency or any specialist in the area which is the best backlink analysis tool, an essential element within the link building, the answer will be Ahrefs.

Now, how could it be otherwise, they have incorporated this functionality to Webmaster Tools which will allow you to see who points links to you, the specific page from where they do it, even the phrase where they put the link .

So if your intention is to support your link baiting strategy , for example, this functionality will give you the opportunity to:

  • recommend to these sites better ways to place your link in their content;
  • use this as an excuse to create new business relationships ;
  • find backlinks to remove if you have committed a violation;
  • find links to forums that have advertisers;
  • and, monitor new links or some that have been lost.

Likewise, Webmaster Tools offers you a series of filters to segment the search for backlinks in blogs , ecommerces , wikis, among others.

4. Analysis of content differences (Content Gap)

If up to now you have relied on the keywords of your competition to position yourself, with this tool you will be able to do better , because not only will you know those where you compete hand in hand with them, you will also know those that you still did not know they have. Just as you read it!

This is precisely one of the most powerful functionalities that Ahrefs has in its new tool, since when you analyze your content you will be able to see what your competitors are doing and you are not .

In addition, you can directly compare sites with 3 competitors at the same time. Imagine being able to find opportunities that you may have overlooked.


5. See domains and pages that compete against you

Let’s see, do you know who your competitors are? Well, maybe you want to analyze it better.

AWT includes 2 reports that give you a broader and more detailed perspective of which domains and URLs are competing against your site.

6. Performance level of your site

Reviewing performance, results, and errors page by page can be a tedious task, but with Ahrefs you can quickly check performance, number of backlinks, and growth over time.


7. Quick win SEO

The last functionality offered by this new tool is precisely one that will allow you to increase the traffic on your pages by, essentially, finding keywords that are being classified and applying specific changes to increase their positioning.

And that’s only for those keywords that are very close to the top. Having the information, Ahrefs will give you data on the best opportunities to update content so you can upload those numbers.

In general, the most convenient pages for this are those that are ranked between position 6 and 20 of Google results pages:

Great! True? Well, now what we have left is to make some small comparisons so that you can see the advantages of Webmaster Tools compared to similar ones.

Ahrefs Backlink Checker For Website

Features of in-depth correlation analysis

Here are more features that make Ahrefs Backlink Checker special:

  • See followed and nofollowed links – The higher the quality of the backlinks a site follows, the more reliable it is in Google’s eyes. Ahrefs shows you the full picture of followed links versus nofollowed for any goal.
  • Backlink anchor text – Analyze your anchor texts to see how your competitors are optimizing their backlink cookies. Use body text analysis to discover potential negative SEO attacks on your website.
  • Disclaimer of unwanted links – If you notice suspicious incoming links activity, you can add spam links to the disclaimer file directly from Backlink Checker. It only takes a few clicks to import this file into Google’s disclaimer.
  • Export to PDF and CSV – Need a report on your results or download a report for further analysis? Just export your data and reports to a PDF or CSV file.
  • Internal filters, on every report – analyze the data that matters to you and nothing else

In short, Backlink Checker from Ahrefs is a solid hub that is capable of doing any backlink search task.

We are constantly working on developing the tool and offering more useful features and data to SEO professionals.

Ahrefs vs other SEO tools: what advantages does it have?

Now, what happens when we put it in front of other SEO analysis tools. See it with your own eyes!

Ahrefs vs Google Search Console

The first and obvious thing is that AWT can find more than 100 common SEO problems while GSC is limited. Also, when repairing them, AWT provides a detailed report, while Google only gives you some solutions.

As for backlinks, AWT shows you all the links that point to you, as well as those broken, SEO metrics and the types of links – no follow, among others. The only thing GSC shows you is 1,000 backlinks and that’s it.

Finally, AWT shows you each keyword that positions your page, as well as performance statistics for them, details of the SERPs and comparisons between your keywords and those of your competitors. Google Search Console will only show you 1,000 keywords.

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Ahrefs vs SEMrush

Another very popular tool is SEMrush, so let’s see what AWT offers that SEMrush doesn’t:

  • ATW’s platform is much simpler and more intuitive to use;
  • provides more information on backlinks, such as an estimate of how many you should rank for a KW. SEMrush just introduced a similar tool;
  • AWT is far superior when doing a broken link analysis;
  • without the need to do “projects” Ahrefs allows you to analyze broken links. SEMrush limits the number of projects you can do;
  • With AWT, multiple users can access the account, on the other hand, SEMrush limits the accounts to 1 and for each additional, you must pay an extra.

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You already know the most important thing about Ahrefs Webmaster Tools!

What remains is that you take advantage of this opportunity to obtain a very robust amount of data to know in-depth how your content and pages are behaving in terms of SEO.

With all this information you will be able to start making better decisions to enhance your viewing opportunities and, with it, the business chances that your site can generate.

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