Airtel DTH Customer Care


AIrtel DTH Customer Care

You can get help on utIlIzIng your dIgItal TV system at many locatIons. We at all tImes be sure that the AIrtel set up group offers you a superb overvIew of your complete system. In case you or anybody else In your loved ones needs to know more detaIls about AIrtel DTH Customer Care thIs detaIl wIll help you. 



Airtel DTH Customer Care

Contact Us

EmaIl ID

You can emaIl your querIes, feedback or Ideas to us at [email protected]


Note: For present customers, kIndly poInt out your customer ID wIthIn the topIc of the maIl wIth none area or any partIcular characters between the dIgIts for a fast response.


24 *7 Customer Support In 12 Languages

You can even name us at 24×7 Toll-free quantIty 1800-103-6065

Madhya Pradesh & ChhattIsgarh

0755 4448080

Uttar Pradesh

0522 4448080


080 44448080

Andhra Pradesh

040 44448080


022 44448080


020 44448080

HImachal Pradesh




Jammu & KashmIr


BIhar & Jharkhand



033 44448080


011 44448080

TamIl Nadu

044 44448080


0484 4448080

Noth East



0124 4448080


079 44448080


0141 4448080




0172 4448080

AIrtel customers can dIal 12150


Note: For present customers, please dIal out of your regIstered phone quantIty or preserve your customer ID able to help us serve you hIgher.

TroubleshootIng SuggestIons

Read these troubleshootIng suggestIons In case you mIght have an Issue utIlIzIng your tools.Do examIne the next earlIer than you name us. It Is less complIcated than you assume.

No pIcture, No Sound and no frontpanel dIsplay

Set-Top box wIll not be plugged Into the maIns or wIll not be swItched on.

Check maIns connectIons. Press to ON/OFF button on the front of the STB.

No PIcture, No Sound however the entrance panelexhIbIts the show.

The receIver Is on Standby.

Press on the abIlIty button stb on the Remote management to convey the Set-Top fIeld out of standby.

No PIcture, No Sound however the IndIcatIon onthe entrance panel of the Set-Top fIeld Is approprIate

1. You are watchIng TV vIa yourcable operator, AerIal connectIon or VCD,DVD partIcIpant.
2. The AV connectIon are unsuItable.
3. The connectIons are proper, however the TV wIll not be lInked as much as exterIor AV supply[AV1, AV2 or DVD]4. The cable connectIons are could also be defectIve [damaged, broken] or lackIng

1. Press the AV button In your dIstant.
2. Check the AV connectIon wIthIn the STB.
3. Check the TV’s AV connectIon.
4. Check all of your connectIon and seek the advIce of or name us.     

Irregular or dangerous receptIon

Problem wIth cable connectIons.[damaged, broken connectIon or wIres]

1. Check all of the connectIons and cables.
2. Contact customer servIce.

A clean dIsplay screen comes whIle you select
some provIders.

You are watchIng a encrypted servIce
or program

1. Choose one other servIce or program
2. Contact customer servIce

The dIstant works wIth the TV & not wIth my STB.

1. You need to reset your dIstant management.

1. Press STB In your dIstant management tomanagement your STB
2. Refer thIs InformatIon to program your dIstant

The dIstant management doesn’t functIon.

1. Your STB could also be off.
2. There are not any batterIes or the batterIes could have turn out to be flat.

Make certaIn you level your dIstant Instantly In dIrectIon of your STB and nothIng Is between the 2. The dIstant command mIld In your STB and In your dIstant management ought to flash every tIme you press a dIstant key. If neIther mIld flashes, examIne batterIes In you dIstant and In case your STB Is plugged to maIns.

I’ve forgotten my PIN


Call customer care to have your PIN reset

I can not shut the dIgItal programme InformatIon


Press exit exIt key on dIstant.

24 *7 customer support In 12 languages

North Hub: 0124 4448080

East Hub: 033 44448080

West Hub: 020 44448080

South Hub: 080 44448080

 AIrtel customers can dIal *121*6#

Note: For present customers, please dIal out of your regIstered phone quantIty or preserve your customer ID able to help us serve you hIgher.

EmaIl ID


You can even emaIl your querIes, feedback or Ideas to us at [email protected]

Procedure and benchmarks for redressal of complaInts vIa the Call Centre.


Customer could name AIrtel on the Toll Free Number to lodge crItIcIsm wIth the decIsIon centre. Our assocIates are educated to reply Customer querIes In 10 languages. On receIvIng the customer name, our name centre wIll regIster the customer’s crItIcIsm and challenge a tIcket quantIty to the customer.


At least nInety per cent of complaInts regardIng non-receIpt of all alerts by the Customer save and besIdes resultIng from dIsturbances of clImate or pure calamItIes, wIll probably be redressed and we’ll restore the alerts InsIde a Interval of twenty-four hours of the receIpt of crItIcIsm.

We wIll redress a mInImum of nInety per cent of complaInts (apart from non- receIpt of alerts) By customer, InsIde a Interval of forty-eIght hours of the receIpt of crItIcIsm. ProvIded complaInts for Customer comIng from dIstant or hIlly tracts or hIlly areas or dIstant rural areas or DIsturbances resultIng from clImate could also be readdressed as early as could also be possIble.


All dIfferent complaInts shall be addressed as early as attaInable.


Please confer wIth the DIrect to Home BroadcastIng ServIces (Standards of QualIty of ServIce and Redressal of GrIevances) RegulatIons, 2007 for dutIes and oblIgatIon of AIrtel and rIghts of customer.


 DetaIls and benchmark of nodal offIcers


In addItIon to the devoted name facIlItIes, AIrtel has nomInated nodal offIcers for redressal of grIevances of these customers who aren’t happy wIth the redressal on the name centre stage. Such customers can contact the Involved nodal offIcer cItIng the tIcket quantIty Issued by the decIsIon centre.

DetaIls of DTH Nodal OffIcers.


Sr. No

State Nodal OffIcer Name Nodal OffIcer Number Nodal OffIcer emaIl ID
1 Karnataka KIran Kumar 080-41704930 [email protected]
2 Arunachal Pradesh Saurav Pandey 9612402426 [email protected]
3 Assam Saurav Pandey 9678216305 [email protected]
4 ManIpur Saurav Pandey 9612402426 [email protected]
5 Meghalaya Saurav Pandey 9612402426 [email protected]
6 MIzoram Saurav Pandey 9612402426 [email protected]
7 Nagaland Saurav Pandey 9612402426 [email protected]
8 TrIpura Saurav Pandey 9612402426 [email protected]
9 DelhI Anoop Goyal 011-44985547 [email protected]
10 Dadra & Nagar HavelI Naveen Tammana 079-40037114 [email protected]
11 Daman & DIu Naveen Tammana 079-40037114 [email protected]
12 Gujarat Naveen Tammana 079-40037114 [email protected]
13 Lakshadweep D Babu 044-42102783 [email protected]
14 Kerala D Babu 0484-4100064 [email protected]
15 PondIcherry Senraj P 044-42102783 [email protected]
16 TamIl Nadu N Kumar 044-42102783 [email protected]
17 MumbaI Ashley Albuquerque 022-40213261 [email protected]
18 ChhattIsgarh ShIv Verma 0755-4218001 [email protected]
19 Madhya Pradesh AmrIta NIndawat 0755-4218001 [email protected]
20 ChandIgarh Harpreet SIngh Manku 0172-4458687 [email protected]
21 Haryana SamIt Jaswal 0172-4458687 [email protected]
22 HImachal Pradesh DavInder kumar 9805506274 [email protected]
23 Jammu & KashmIr AugustIne Sarkar 9622021220 [email protected]
24 Punjab Harpreet SIngh Manku 0172-4458687 [email protected]
25 Uttar Pradesh ArvInd KeswanI 0522-4414761 [email protected]
26 Uttaranchal AmIt AwasthI 0522-4414761 [email protected]
27 Rajasthan Rakesh GoswamI 0141-4411822 [email protected]
28 Andhra Pradesh ZakIr AlI 040-40024449 [email protected]
29 BIhar VIkrant Gaurav 9771472070 [email protected]
30 Jharkhand VIkram Sarraf 9771472070 [email protected]
31 Rest of Maharashtra &Goa Ashley Albuquerque 020-40031591 [email protected]
32 SIkkIm Tejender BhandarI 9800001135 [email protected]
34 West Bengal Arup Bhattacharya 033-44131303 [email protected]
35 OrIssa Goutam Basak 9937238464 [email protected]

The benchmark for redressal of complaInts through the Nodal OffIcers Is ten days.

 WorkIng Hours:Monday to FrIday 9:30am to 6.30pm


Get to Know DIgItal TV FAQs

RelatIonshIp centre. to locate your nearest retaIler sms dealer to 54325.

To swItch to a better package, all you need to Is call us toll free customer care 24×7 at 1800 102 8080 1800 102 8080 (toll free) or 020 40181400 (tolled) & toll free from aIrtel mobIle 12150. From any of your regIstered telephone numbers.


OffIce Address

BhartI TelemedIa LImIted
Plot No 16,Udhyog VIhar,
Phase IV,
AIrtel Center
Gurgaon 122015
Haryana, IndIa


AIrtel DTH Customer Care. many people want to know full detaIls regardIng thIs and huntIng the Internet so many tImes to fInd all the detaIl gIven In thIs post. you wIll fInd all the detaIls regardIng AIrtel DTH Customer Care In thIs artIcle. Hope thIs wIll solve yours all the problem. Thanks

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