Awesome  Techniques To Double Your Sales

Awesome techniques to double your sales. Do you do your best to sell more, but you get the feeling that you’re banging your head against the wall? Customers listen patiently, and then they go to buy from the competition anyway? Are you struggling to increase profits, but at the end of the month it turns out that you barely managed to achieve your goal?

Don’t break! Fortunately, there are sales techniques that guarantee an increase in profits. By reading this article, you’ll learn about sales tricks that will help you double your sales. The sales methods collected here will be useful for both traders working on the handset and those operating in e-commerce or in a traditional store. Are you looking for the answer to the question: how to increase sales as a salesman and what are the sales techniques?

Time is money, so there is nothing to prolong – let’s go! Below you will find techniques for direct selling techniques, telephone sales techniques, or B2B sales techniques for use in your daily work. Awesome techniques to double your sales. 

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Awesome  Techniques To Double Your Sales

1. Respond to your contact request as soon as possible.

If a potential customer has contacted you, do not wait indefinitely. Contact him immediately. The sooner you answer, the greater the chance that you’ll get a customer.

Statistics confirm this. The Best Practices for Lead Response Management study shows that sales opportunities decrease tenfold if a consultant responds to a contact attempt in 10, not five minutes.

400% – the chance for qualifying a lead decreases if the answer is not received within the first 5 minutes. If you do so than you will using the Awesome  Techniques To Double Your Sales

When responding after 30 minutes, the seller should expect a 100-fold decrease in the chances of closing the transaction.

The project undertaken by Inside Sales and Harvard Business Review, which consisted of analyzing over 14,000 unique leads over 3 years, confirms the above data. His results show that companies that respond to an attempt to contact within 5 minutes have almost a hundred times greater chance of dragging this contact to the next stage of the sales funnel.

2. Make 6 contact attempts.

Most salespeople give up after the second call. This is a mistake! The research shows that the key to success is the implementation of the six phones. According to Velocify, as many as 93% of leads were able to be contacted only after the sixth attempt.

Other research also shows that 44% of sellers give up after just one attempt to contact a potential customer. It’s almost half. Studies have also shown that 80% of successful transactions required at least 5 follow-ups. And this is one of the tricks of how to increase sales as a trader – don’t give up!

3. Call Wednesday or Thursday.

Did you know that the success of the transaction can be affected by the day of the week when you decide to contact the customer? The art of selling is not only an effective conversation with a potential buyer but also timing. You probably guess that Monday is not the best day to contact customers. When is it worth doing? Studies show that on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

4. Call in the morning or late afternoon.

Whether you call the customer at a convenient time can determine if you can close the transaction.

Of course, you don’t read your clients’ minds and you can’t predict if they are having an important conversation with their boss or are not going to pick up their child from kindergarten. What are the tests for? According to those carried out by Lead Response Management, it is best to call potential customers between 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning and between 16:00 and 18:00 in the afternoon.

5. Inform that the conversation will not take long.

Try not to give the potential customer an excuse to hang up. Therefore, instead of asking questions like “Do you have a moment to talk to me?” or “Did I accidentally call at the wrong time?” say that talking to you will not take much time. It is worth specifying precisely how long it will last.

Why? We like particulars and the people who use them inspire us more trust. You will admit that the sentence: “I will only take you 3 minutes” sounds more professional than “I will only take a moment”. Nobody will account for whether the conversation actually took those three minutes or maybe five. Remember not to overdo it. It’s really a great selling technique.

6. Smile!

You should smile from the first seconds of the conversation. this is the Awesome  Techniques To Double Your Sales. Even if you are talking on the phone and it is not a face to face meeting, and therefore you do not use a smile as part of the direct selling technique, show enthusiasm! Your interlocutor will definitely notice the difference. When we smile, our voice immediately sounds different.

A smile makes us seem more positive, joyful, and full of energy. We then make a better impression on the potential customer and improve his mood. Positive energy is contagious. 🙂

7. Speak slowly and clearly.

The basic principle of effective communication is pronounced words. Don’t let talking to you be an effort for the client. Take care of your pronunciation and try not to speak too quickly. If you are talking on the phone, watch the position of the handset, hold it to your mouth, remember about the breaks in. 😉 This is also Awesome  Techniques To Double Your Sales

8. Specify the purpose of the conversation.

There is nothing worse than a conversation that leads nowhere. So remember to always tell your client why you are calling and what you have to offer. This rule also applies when the customer called you.

Try to define the purpose of the contact and define the way in which you will solve the problem with which the customer came forward. Not only will you present yourself as a professional – but you will also avoid misunderstandings and make your work easier. You don’t believe in such sales tricks? It really works!

9. Ask open-ended questions.

Engaging a potential customer in a conversation is the first step towards closing sales. To make it happen, try to ask open questions, i.e. ones that the client will be able to answer for longer. An effective sales technique is to avoid asking questions, which can be answered simply by a short “yes” or “no” after doing this you will feel that this is the  Awesome  Techniques To Double Your Sales

For example : if you want to encourage a caller to buy a new telephone subscription, you can ask him if he is satisfied with the subscription he is currently using and why, or what he would like to change in it.

Open questions will help you engage the client in the conversation, explore his needs and match the right offer for him. If you start bombing the interlocutor with closed questions, which can only be answered with “yes” or “no”, you will feel like at the interrogation and will try to escape, that is – hang up the phone or leave the store.

10. Use social proof of equity.

What other consumer Ents have a huge impact on purchasing decisions. Most of us are more likely to believe in the value of a product if we find that others liked it. It is worth making use of it. Use customer reviews and recommendations by placing them in a prominent place on the website or by marking during the conversation that the product is very popular.

11. Be an optimist.

It’s worth being an optimist. As an optimist, you are not only in a better mood but also … you have the chance to be a better seller. Research conducted by dr. Seligman indicates that optimists sell 20 to 40% better than pessimists. This is probably enough encouragement to learn to look at the world in a positive way, right? Therefore, a positive approach to life and optimism are also sales techniques!

12. Use the unavailability principle.

Surely you know that the harder it is to get something, the more popular it gets. Therefore, a good sales technique is to suggest to the client that your offer is limited in time (e.g. the promotional campaign lasts only a week) or quantitatively (e.g. only the last pieces remain) and the use of so-called FOMO (fear of missing out).

13. Present more than one product.

Although we make a large part of purchasing decisions under the influence of emotions, we also like to feel that our decisions are rational. The choice is important when making purchasing decisions .

In an article published by the Journal of Consumer Research, Daniel Mochon proved that customers are more likely to buy a product if they are given the choice between several options.

In an experiment carried out by Mochon, customers were offered to buy a DVD player. In the group in which one product was shown, only 10% of customers decided to buy. In turn, in the second group, in which two different products were presented, sales increased by 66%.

This is because the choice gives us the feeling that we have control over the situation and make informed, rational decisions.

14. Create a contrast.

Since we’re on the issue of giving the customer the opportunity to choose, then pay attention to the principle of contrast, consisting of presenting the customer with two different offers is a good sales trick.

In a conversation with a customer, it is worth showing a potential buyer a more expensive product first, and then a second, a little cheaper one – the one we actually want to sell. Compared to the first, the second product will seem very attractive – even if its price will be quite high. This is how the sales technique works on the principle of contrast. Remember, however, that the order in which you will present the offer is crucial here.

15. Be an expert.

If you really want to sell, you need to know your product right through. Customers often ask about the details of the offer, product specifications, or ask for comparison with other products available on the market. Therefore, if you are wondering how to increase sales as a salesman, then know that you should be able to honestly answer customer questions. Thanks to this, you will raise their confidence and, as a result, they will be more willing to buy.

16. Use the principle of reciprocity.

We are taught that favors should be reciprocated. As a salesman, you can use it. If you notice that the customer needs help with something (even if it is not directly related to your offer), try to solve his problem. There is a good chance that the customer will feel obliged to repay you and decide to buy your product, return to your company, or recommend it to others.

What if not? Well, it’s always worth helping others!

17. Be a fan of your product.

Would you buy a product from someone who doesn’t seem interested in it? If so, you are in the minority. Therefore, as a trader, you should not only know your product perfectly but also be enthusiastic about it. Enthusiasm is infectious, so do everything to give it to your clients.

18. Use the “you can’t afford it” method.

Whether you like it or not, objections will arise during every conversation with the client. You won’t avoid it. Now all the art is to be able to beat them.

When a customer begins to complain that your product or offer is too expensive, try to put it in context and indicate that the costs that the interlocutor may incur if he does not decide what you propose will be even higher.

Let’s say you sell insurance. When a customer refuses to buy, justifying their decision with the price of the offer, try to make him aware that the costs of treatment, which will be incurred if an accident occurs, will significantly exceed the price of insurance.

You’ll see – this art of selling will work. and Awesome  Techniques To Double Your Sales

19. Find out why the client is not interested.

As a sales representative, you have often heard from potential customers that they are not interested in your product and have finished the conversation. This is a mistake! you will convert them and this is also Awesome  Techniques To Double Your Sales

Next time, try to continue the conversation. Ask why the customer is not interested. Thanks to this you will involve him in the conversation. Who knows – it may turn out that he can still be persuaded to buy. And if not, at least you will gain invaluable knowledge about your customers that you can use to improve the offer.

20. Identify the features that give you a competitive advantage.

You’ve probably heard from a customer that your product or service is reminiscent of what another company is proposing. What to do in this situation? First of all – refrain from criticizing the competition, otherwise you will make a bad impression. Instead, indicate significant differences between your product and the competition (e.g. better quality, more functionality, longer warranty period, etc.). In short, prove that what you sell is better. This sales technique and similar sales tricks are really effective!

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21. Feature – benefit – image.

According to this technique, we should first turn a product feature into an advantage, and then – illustrate this benefit. Your customers are not interested in the features of your product, only the profits that can result from them. Therefore, do not delve into the description of technical details, but explain how they can improve the customer’s life. This is a principle that includes B2B sales techniques, telephone sales techniques, as well as direct sales techniques.

For example, by offering him a new model of a phone with LTE, explain that thanks to LTE he will have access to the fastest Internet in Poland and will be able to easily browse Facebook or information portals anywhere, anytime. If you want to sell project management software, explain that it will make the project teamwork faster, easier, and more orderly.

This tactic is relatively simple and amazingly effective! and this will also Awesome  Techniques To Double Your Sales

These are all sales methods and sales techniques for today. Try them out in practice and let them know how they work!

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