CONGEAR F-200 Smart Refrigerator Stabilizer for Refrigerator Single/Double Door (up to 300 Litre Fridge) Also use Small Mini Fridge for Home (110-300v.AC.2A) (Black)

Price: ₹1,239.00


  • APPLICATION: Refrigerator Stabilizer up to 300 litre . Professional Equipment Specially Designed to Protect Refrigerators and Freezers wide range up to 300 ltr. inverter and genrator capability.
  • Working Range : User-friendly automatic led light display / Power saving technology. Voltage function : AC 110 V – 300 V, Input 160 v – 280 v , Output : 200 v – 240 v, 50 Hz (Ensures Refrigerator Functioning Under Wide Voltage Spectrum).
  • CABINET: MS with Powder Coated with Anti Rust free, Wall Moutned. Automatic Graphical Digital Indicator with time Delay system. easy to install with input 5 A cable and Output 15 A socket.
  • FEATURES: Automatically steps up low voltage and steps down high voltage to levels that are suitable for your equipment. Intelligent circuit design that detects and accommodates the power needs of your devices. Optimum quality performance by the utilization of Sophisticated Solid State Circuitry Technology. Built in surge protection Low and High voltage cut-off protections.
  • WARRANTY: Best safe guard 3 Years Warranty, In case of any product issues or service, Contact Congear service customer care.

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