How To Write Content For Affiliate Marketing 2020

How To Write Content For Affiliate Marketing. Is this situation familiar to you? You have decided to earn extra money through affiliate marketing. You have created very elaborate articles but they have a high bounce rate. You don’t hook your readers and you don’t get many affiliates.

So what can you do to win users over and click on your affiliate links?

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Clarifying concepts: Affiliate Marketing consists of promoting a product or service of another company through the online channel. When you get a user to click on a link, leave their details or buy a product, you receive an amount of money from that transaction.

Depending on what was agreed, you can earn money for contacts (people who fill out a form), for purchases and even for clicks. How To Write Content For Affiliate Marketing

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At first glance, it seems like a piece of cake but like everything in life, first, you have to build trust and empathize with your potential readers so that they carry out a certain action: buy affiliate products, get a commission for leads or sales …

If you want to discover how to write a perfect affiliate post, just keep reading, make yourself comfortable that today’s article is a bit long. Do you stay?

How To Write An Effective Affiliate Post


How to conquer users and make them click on your affiliate links, taking you to your street users.

How To Write Content For Affiliate Marketing. The perfect equation or formula to succeed with your content in Affiliate Marketing consists of quite a few ingredients. The secret is knowing how to use all of them in their proper measure and knowing diners very well.

Before getting down to business with crafting your affiliate post, it’s very important that you consider a few basics of persuasion and neuromarketing. And it is that without emotion there is no sale.

Neuromarketing: Design for Behavior Change

 What does this mean? That you should start your content from the outside in. And this is when the design of your page comes into play, have you stopped to think about whether it is attractive to your potential client? If you have not done so, it is important that you take it into account, since the more motivation and less complexity the conversion increases.

By this I mean that if you have a page that is not very usable and simple for readers, they will be scared of it and they will not be able to clearly read the message you want to convey to them. Hence, if the complexity is very high, you will not be able to sell as you would like.

Once you have contemplated this, when is the time to use that strategic call to action? You have to use it at the point of the greatest motivation of your reader and at the point of least complexity. So don’t waste your time making impossible calls to action that are not understood or seen. For your call to action to be effective, it has to be in view of your reader and be as clear as possible. It doesn’t seem that complicated, does it?

But for you to understand it better, here are 2 examples of what you should not do and what you should do if you want to achieve more sales:

As you can see, in the first product sheet the content is complete but the text does not invite to be read by the user. There is no air between the lines and the brick effect is generated a bit, in addition, the font size is quite small. Don’t you think

On the other hand, in the second example, you can see a more visual and attractive product card for the user. But what has changed? The content could be the same but the text is distributed in such a way that it does not tire the reader’s eyes. Your reader will not have to complicate your life when reading it.

Hence the importance of design both on the page and in the placement of content.

Experience Increases Sales

Surely you have read the opinions of other users more than once when purchasing a certain product. So why not apply this idea to your affiliate content?

Social proof and the principle of empathy or sympathy are two key principles of persuasion to generate experience. How To Write Content For Affiliate Marketing

The experience is to be able to create something common to your reader so that they feel identified. This means that if your users empathize with your content they will click more easily on your affiliate link than if they don’t. For this, it is essential that you know your potential client perfectly.

To illustrate yourself better, in the following example you can see how an ice cream brand has perfectly captured this principle. Experience a scoop of ice cream ready to be brought to your mouth. Something that the vast majority of people know and that just seeing it makes your mouth water. This is what you should achieve in your content!

Emotion Sells

In this other basic principle of neuromarketing, I recommend that you follow Simon Sinek’s golden circle. A great visionary when it comes to neuromarketing and sales.

Normally, there is a tendency to fall into the big mistake that traditional companies make on a regular basis. What mistake am I talking about? Nothing more or nothing less than selling from “outside to inside”, that is, telling you first what and then why.

Instead, modern companies sell from the inside out, starting with the why, going through the how, and ending with the what. Why do these types of companies get more sales following this sales scheme? Basically, because it has a biological explanation. And is that the part of the brain neocortex is where the rational part acts. However, the part of how and why is where the limbic brain area comes into play. In this part, emotions and decision making intervene.

What do I mean by all this? That when a certain user is going to make a purchase, very few times he lets himself be carried away by the rational brain. That is why decision making when buying a certain product is made by the limbic brain.

This is done very well by the Apple brand, where consumers of their products buy them because they feel different and love the beautiful design of their computers and phones. If they had the need to buy a certain mobile device, they would buy any other brand.

If you want to sell with your affiliate post this scheme will be your best header manual, since you always have to sell from the emotion. How To Write Content For Affiliate Marketing

How to Design The Perfect Post for Affiliate Marketing?


At this point, you are surely wondering, how can I apply all these milestones of neuromarketing and persuasion? Now that you have everything clearer, let’s see step by step the principles of persuasion that you have to use to make your affiliate marketing post step by step.

Sympathy / Empathy

This is the first principle of persuasion that you should always apply since it is based on the disposition to let yourself be influenced by what you like or that looks like you.

Following this advice, when you are writing your post you have to try to put yourself in the shoes of your reader and speak the same language. Thanks to this you can empathize with it and, therefore, get more sales. And remember, you do not write for everyone but for your ideal client, so write only for him.


How To Write Content For Affiliate Marketing 2020

Once you have generated sympathy or empathy with your users, this will allow you to have a community (not necessarily the ring community :)) of people who feel identified with your content. Something that is essential for membership. How To Write Content For Affiliate Marketing

  • Branding / Community. Once you have generated a great community and have managed to increase your brand, you have more possibilities to sell through affiliation. A good proof of this is the influencers, such as Isasaweis, who is a benchmark in the beauty and cuisine sector.
  • Video Format. If you insert videos in your affiliate post, you will get, in a simpler way, to increase your sales. This is because users perceive other things that cannot be transmitted through writing, such as tone or expressions.
  • Storytelling: Although you are going to sell something, flee from the advertising content. Use the different persuasive writing techniques at your fingertips. Storytelling will be a great tool to capture the attention of your readers. Without a doubt, it is something that your article must contain since it is a technique to guide the user and connect with you.
  • Call to Action (CTA). Once you’ve got the reader to read to you and feel hooked on your content. The only thing left for the user to click on that affiliate link is a call to action. CTAS can be distributed throughout your content and not necessarily at the end. There will be readers who want to get straight to the point and others who need more time and sales pitches. Therefore distribute different CTAS throughout your content.

How To Write Content For Affiliate Marketing 2020


Build community and it will be easier to get the conversion for affiliate marketing


A character with authority influences users much more than a person who is not known. But what happens if we are not an influential person and we want to activate this principle that helps us convert?

Don’t panic, because there are many ways to do it. For example, indicating that the product or service that you are trying to sell through affiliation is also used by a person of authority such as a blogger or famous person well-known in the sector. Here the figure of the Marketing of Influencers would enter.


What does this principle say? When someone does you a favor, you usually feel indebted to that person.

Therefore, if you offer a discount or resolve the doubts of your users, they will feel grateful and they will acquire their purchase through your link.

A good example of reciprocity is offering a discount or training. If you do a good tutorial where you explain how the tool or product works, users will feel indebted to you and click on your link.

If you want to see a great example of value guides to generate affiliation. Look at this article by the teacher Javier Elices in monetized. Click here and check out their Active Campaign guide

The Aída Method for Affiliate Marketing


Do you know the Aída method? It is about attention, interest, desire, and action. It is essential that you consider this method, as it will help guide your user to conversion. Take note to apply it to your affiliate post!


It is about capturing the attention of your readers through a striking title. For this you can make use of:

  • Emotion: You can capture the attention of your user by exciting him through your experience with a certain product or service.
  • Denial: This is another method that works to get the reader’s attention. Since we are curious by nature, we also want to know the negative aspect of what we want to buy.
  • Anger: If you show your anger about other products to sell yours, you can get the user to get hooked on your content.
  • Questions: Asking questions that await a closed answer is another good attention technique.
  • Comparisons: Comparing one product or service with another also helps users want to continue reading your article.


Since the attention span of the human being is very limited, you have to capture all the interest of your reader in the first paragraph.

How can you do it? For this, it is very important that your content has a close language and that it is in the form of an inverted pyramid. In other words, always count the most important things at the beginning.

Remember to end the old inverted pyramid with a call to action. If you do not guide your user to a clear and striking call to action, you will not be able to generate a conversion.


To activate the desire in the user, it is necessary to count the advantages, the added values ​​, and the experience with the product or service that we intend to sell through affiliation.

Counting the advantages does not mean that you talk about the characteristics of the product, but that you speak from emotion. For example, if you are trying to sell a shampoo for oily hair, to get to the excitement you have to put yourself in the skin of the target audience: Do you want to feel like in the shampoo ads for 24 hours a day? Avoiding the uncomfortable feeling of greasy hair is possible. With this question/phrase we are already dealing with emotion, with the problem of your potential client.

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At this point, you have to get to the point and “do not go through the hills of Úbeda”. What do I want to say to you to get to the point? That you do not have to mask the link since the user knows perfectly well that it is about affiliation. Therefore, pointing to a simple “here you have it” or a striking button will be more than enough. As you can see, making the perfect affiliate post is not an easy journey, but putting all these tips into practice you can make very good articles and increase your income through affiliation.

Tell me what techniques you use to increase conversion and succeed with Affiliate Marketing through content. I read you in the comments. 

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