Data Scientist Salary – How Much The Earning?

Data Scientist Salary – How Much The Earning?

Before requesting any job, we first check the salary figures related to it. Here we are discussing a Data Scientist Salary which is the most popular one. Everybody who has an interest in this must want to know the salary figures of a data scientist. For that reason, DataFlair exists a report on Data Scientist’ Salaries on different scales. You will learn more about incomes based on different functions, skills, location, and lots of other aspects. So, without wasting any time, let’s check out the salary of a data scientist.

By 2020, the quantity of data generated by each human being every second will probably be 1.7 megabytes. With this, you’ll be able to think about the expansion of data, and that’s the place a Data Scientist involves the rescue by analyzing and organizing this data to offer business options. In this text, we’ll talk about the worldwide Data Scientist wage and know why ‘Data Scientist’ is the sexiest job title of the 21st century. In reality, a data scientist can count on a median wage of Rs 693,637 (IND) or $91,470 (US) per 12 months.

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What Does Data Scientist Do?

Data Scientist Salary

A data scientist mines complicated data and deliver systems-related recommendations to his/her company. In a team, they handle statistical data and take a look at what their business needs to produce different designs. A data scientist understands how to translate data and extract significance from it. Considering that data is rarely ever tidy, s/he hangs around gathering, cleaning, and munging it. S/he needs skills like stats, artificial intelligence, software engineering skills, determination, and being human. That individual also hangs around in exploratory data analysis- in visualization and data sense. S/he will find patterns, construct algorithms and designs, design experiments, communicate with the employee, and perform data-driven decision making.

Individuals who are looking for a data scientist job frequently check the major difference between a data scientist, data engineer, and data expert.

Data Science Job Trends in India

Job Trends

The following are the trends in Data Science job posts per 1 million posts on Indeed–.data science job postings.

From the above chart, we can infer that Data Science tasks have been growing in trending charts. In 2019, it is anticipated that this trend will just grow greater.

Some indicate note for Job Trends in India–

  • India contributes to 6% of job openings worldwide.
  • The total variety of data science and analytics jobs in India is 97,000.
  • 97% of the jobs are on a full-time basis whereas 3% are part-time.
  • There has been a boost in more than 50% of overall jobs in the year 2019.
  • There is an increase of more than 2% in analytics salary above 15 lac in India.

Salary Range for Data Scientists.

According to the annual salary of a data scientist in India is more than Rs. 818,099.

Data Scientist Salary In India.

Data Scientists Salary

Further checking out the statistics behind the Data Science salary, we have–

  • Average Salary- Rs. 818,099.
  • Typical Bonus- Rs. 100,473.
  • Typical Profit Sharing- Rs 36,667.
  • Lowest Salary- Rs. 341,000.
  • Greatest Salary- Rs. 2,000,000.
  • Most Affordable Bonus- Rs. 20,000.
  • Greatest Bonus- Rs. 321,000.
  • Least Expensive Profit Sharing- Rs. 0.00.
  • Greatest Profit Sharing- Rs. 608,000.

Do you know why Data Science is in need?

The typical Entry Level Data Scientist in India makes about Rs 507,269 per year. These are the people who have simply started out in Data Science and have few skills in their technical arsenal. However, by constantly evolving with the progression of the job, one can increase their salary through experience and the addition of more skills.

Data Scientist Job Trends Worldwide

Trends Worldwide

According to the Harvard Business Review, a Data Scientist is “a high-ranking professional with the training and curiosity to make discoveries in the world of Big Data”. As data science is an enormous area, data scientists need to have a flexible ability set of their profile.

The beneath desk illustrates the variety of jobs in several areas within the US in accordance with

New York, NY 1813
Seattle, WA 1544
San Francisco, CA 1487
Cambridge, MA 936
Boston, MA 733

Data Science profession alternatives will solely shoot by means of the roof! As the world is popping in the direction of data for all types of choice-making, each start-up and well-established firm like Cisco, Dell, VMware and so on. are providing profitable salaries to Data Scientist.

Data Scientist Salary Trends

According to Forbes, the variety of Data Science and Analytics job listings is projected to develop by practically 364,000 listings by 2020. Also, the productiveness advantages that companies analyzing data are estimated to be around $430 billion by 2020 over their rivals, who will not be analyzing. This is sort of evident as you may observe from the above illustration.

Data Scientists are answerable for many duties in a business together with analytics, constructing data merchandise utilizing programming languages like Java, together with developing visualizations and machine learning algorithms in Python or R. Because of this, the typical wage bundle of a data scientist is Rs 693,637 (IND) or $91,470 (US) per 12 months. Additionally, based mostly on your expertise and skill-set, firms can give you as much as $130,000 each year.

Note: This might range based mostly on corporate, geography, and expertise.

In reality, firms don’t weigh your skilled background based mostly on your years of expertise in case you are an expert in the Data Science area. You can observe that over 15% of data scientists who can be being employed in India are contemporary graduates. The quantity is even greater within the US. Refer the beneath plots to achieve extra insights:

Let me provide you with just a few numbers based mostly on the above components as nicely:

Data Scientist Salary Based On Company:

I’m itemizing down the wage provided to a Data Scientist by main firms who’re actively hiring Data Scientists.

Company Salary 
Microsoft Rs 1,500,000/yr
IBM Rs 1,350,000/yr
Rs 1,055,500/yr
Facebook $135,000/yr
Airbnb $130,000/yr
Capital One $106,000/yr

Source: Glassdoor

Data Scientist Salary Based on Experience

Entry-level Data Scientist Salary (IND):

Compensation Salary Range Per Annum
Salary Rs 297,414 – Rs 1,195,066
Bonus Rs 2,004 – Rs 161,146
Rs 0.00 – Rs 322,976
Total Pay Rs 306,054 – Rs 1,215,966

Entry-level Data Scientist Salary (US):

Compensation Salary Range Per Annum
Salary $61,598 – $122,827
Bonus $1,010 – $15,019
$503 – $16,638
Total Pay $60,894 – $127,894

Mid-level Data Scientist Salary (IND):

Compensation Salary Range Per Annum
Salary Rs 590,734 – Rs 2,070,477
Bonus Rs 1,030 – Rs 792,758
Rs 95,000
Total Pay Rs 595,982 – Rs 2,506,994

Mid-level Data Scientist Salary (US):

Compensation Salary Range Per Annum
Salary $74,623 – $140,210
Bonus $1,973 – $19,998
$2,007 – $20,608
Total Pay $77,215 – $158,409

Experienced Data Scientist Salary (IND):

Compensation Salary Range Per Annum
Salary Rs 972,106 – Rs 2,927,745
Bonus Rs 35,000 – Rs 400,000
Rs 25,000
Total Pay Rs 972,106 – Rs 2,928,194

Experienced Data Scientist Salary (US):

Compensation Salary Range Per Annum
Salary $78,424 – $157,653
Bonus $2,449 – $22,400
Total Pay $79,321 – $167,947

Source: PayScale

Well, I imagine it’s an identified proven fact that for similar work individuals in several international locations get totally different pay. Let’s see how a lot the wage of a Data Scientist varies based mostly on geography.

Data Scientist abilities will fetch huge professional alternatives in Data Science. Here are the. Top Skills for a Data Scientist In 2020

Data Scientist Salary Based on Geography:


I’m itemizing down the Data Scientist wage for the next main cities:

City Salary
Gurgaon Rs 1,200,000/yr
Pune Rs 736,976/yr
Rs 734,696/yr
Mountain View $124,882/yr
San Francisco $117,256/yr
Seattle $116,898/yr

Source: Payscale

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If you might be somebody seeking to get into a fascinating profession, now can be the proper time to up-skill and reap the benefits of the Data Science profession alternatives that come to your method.



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