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Good Twitter Bios. Twitter bio is like a small resume. If the objective of a resume is for us to be hired, that of a bio on Twitter is to get them to follow us. It is our digital business card but in a reduced format. The second thing we look at a Twitter user before following him is his bio. Before we have looked at the photo and then we will take a look at his latest tweets to finally decide if we click on the continue button.

So we only have about eight seconds to get attention: one for the photo; three for the biography and another four for the last tweets we have published.

Only three for the bio? Yes. So you have to refine a lot in this section.

The Twitter bio is like a little resume. If the objective of a resume is for us to be hired, that of a bio on Twitter is to get them to follow us. It is our digital business card but in a reduced format.

Before going with the tips, three clarifications on the Twitter biography:

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1. There are only 160 characters

There is not much room to tell the world how wonderful you are. You have to think carefully and adjust as much as possible. This sentence has 71 characters, spaces included, and I haven’t said anything.

2. You twitter dirty in Google

When they search for you by name in Google, your profile will appear in search results and in the future even more, since Google has announced that it will show tweets in searches.

When we Google “Manolo Rodríguez”, the first thing that appears is the Facebook profiles with that name; then a website with that domain; my author profile in La Opinión A Coruña, and fourth my Twitter profile .

Your Twitter profile is one of the most visible descriptions you have on the internet. This is really pressure.

3. Being creative is difficult

If you read a few biographies on Twitter, you’ve read almost all of them, because they tend to be predictable.

Everyone loves coffee, they are entrepreneurs or something fans.

There is a fairly general belief that it is necessary to have a bio with great creativity. But you shouldn’t be obsessed either, although the  New York Times newspaper has described the Twitter bio as a “postmodern art form.”


And now we are going with the most useful short tips to write a Good Twitter Biosgraphy:

Start with the basics

First things first: tell people what you are.

  • Explain what you tweet about

Communicate clearly to your future followers what the topics are in your tweets. Internet users are very lazy and we want everything very clearly so as not to waste time. Remember about the 3 seconds.

  • Bet on a hybrid bio

Use a part of the biography description to indicate the topics you are dealing with or what you work on, and the rest bets on freestyle.

  • Be descriptive and concise

Show users why it would be interesting for them to follow you and remember that there are only 160 characters to do so.

  • The segment, attract tweeters from the same sector

If we use Twitter in a more or less professional way, it is a tool to interact with people or companies that are in your sector.

To be considered part of this sector, you have to use words in your biography that sector uses.

  • Use words related to your brand territory

This is very similar to the previous one. Use words that you want related to. Other users will follow you because they search for those words and share the same concerns as you.

It does not matter if that person lives in Colombia, Argentina or Spain. If, for example, you are both fans of Smart, you surely have many elements in common.

  • Use hashtag and arrobas but in moderation

A good way to use words related to our brand territory is to use arrobas and hashtags, but # let’s use them @ in # moderation. @Lo #contrario @queda #muy @feo.

  • Take advantage of 160 characters

Since we can only put a few phrases or words, let’s take advantage of all the available space.

  • Don’t take advantage of the 160 characters

Many tweeters bet on the short style in their bio. It is also a good option. Simple, direct, and effective. Many of Twitter’s great biographies don’t use 160 characters.

  • Auto bomb yes, but fair

Self-promotion is not comfortable, but it is not negative if we do not abuse. In a way it is the idea of ​​a Twitter bio. After all, you are writing your biography. And it is your information that has to appear there.

  • Highlight your differential values

Show what are the aspects that make you special and differentiate you from the rest. Good Twitter Bios

  • Make for human

Let it be seen that there is a person behind. A good option is to explain something you like.

  • Do not write anything in the bio

It seems obvious, but there are profiles that have their biography empty. They are missing a great opportunity.

  • Don’t put phrases ready

It is one thing to say that it is not necessary to have a super-creative and fun bio and another is to take ready-made phrases that we find out there and put them. Here it is necessary to break your head a little more.

  • Forbidden to put follow me and I follow you

Not much more to add.

  • Eat neither words nor letters

Write correctly. No SMS messages, no abbreviations, or anything like that. If we don’t get an idea we will have to turn it around or think of another.

  • No capitalization

If we said before that we take care of our spelling, we should not write in capital letters either. Except for Enraged Mass, the rest don’t do well. Good Twitter Bios

  • Avoid motivational phrases and quotes

What do citations contribute to our Twitter bio like “The joy of doing good is in sowing, not in gathering” or “There is no path that does not end, as laziness and idleness do not oppose?

Incidentally, the first is by Jacinto Benavente and the second by Miguel de Cervantes. They do not contribute anything. And if they don’t contribute anything …Good Twitter Bios – Tips & Tricks

  • In first-person, no third parties

It is very pedantic to speak in the third person . Former Big Brother contestant Aida Nízar did it and that’s how it went.

  • Never say you are an expert or a guru

If you put these adjectives in your Twitter bio, you automatically stop being it. It is proven.

  • And change the Twitter description as often as you like

Good Twitter Bios. With each modification, hopefully, the best. The biography is not static. There is no bio that is perfect. They all have something that makes them u

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