How Digital Marketing Activities Help Us In 2020

How Digital Marketing Activities Help. We are in the time of the digital revolution and the online world has become an extremely important part of our lives, accessible to everyone thanks to a small device in your pocket. The Internet also provides amazing opportunities for business development by offering advertising solutions that are very different from traditional marketing.

What activities does digital marketing cover?

Enterprises during the Internet revolution

Digital marketing has become the basic form of advertising for many companies and for a long time not only from the IT industry. It is a communication channel with a potential customer, which can be used by virtually any company, regardless of the scope of activity, industry, size, or budget.

Digital media are of particular importance for smaller and medium-sized companies, which cannot afford e.g. an extensive outdoor campaign, advertising on the radio or television. The low entry barrier in digital marketing means that they can afford effective advertising tailored to their needs.

Larger budgets open up wider possibilities. For large brands, marketing activities on the web are an opportunity to build a closer relationship with the customer, to create an effective two-way communication channel, or to run measurable and effective image advertising in many channels.

The importance of digital marketing is becoming greater over time. In 2018, there was a historic moment in Poland where the share of expenditure on digital advertising was higher than on television and reached 43% of the market in expenditure, while traditional advertising on TV in 40%. Research conducted by, among others IAB Polska confirms that the trend continues all the time and the advantage of the Internet will increase ( source ). In addition, it turns out that just when watching TV, the vast majority of users use smartphones e.g. to check emails, browse social media or make online purchases

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Using Smartphone
Using a smartphone.

Digital ads are not only increasing their share in terms of advertiser spending. They are also increasingly boldly entering areas previously dominated by traditional media. We have at our disposal not only ads on computers or mobile phones but also on the smart TV or increasingly popular podcasts that are also trying to take over the radio listeners. New opportunities are also appearing for companies with the increasingly popular voice search available e.g. in Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or Apple Siri.

Division of activities on the Internet

Digital marketing offers a number of complex solutions, often significantly different in application, possibilities, or budget needed. In general, we can distinguish: How Digital Marketing Activities Help

  • SEO – search engine optimization.
  • Content marketing
  • PPC
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Mobile applications

Which channel should you use? It all depends on the company’s business goals and the goals that the ads will meet. How Digital Marketing Activities Help

Objectives of Digital Marketing Campaigns

How Digital Marketing Activities Help Us In 2020
Running a Local Business

In the past websites were just ordinary leaflets, now they are often the whole system leading the user to carry out conversions, i.e. activities important from the point of view of our business. When choosing the right internet marketing tools, you should first consider the purpose of these activities. What functions do we expect from them and what do we care about the most?


Sample goals of digital marketing tools :

  • Product or service sale in an online store.
  • Acquiring contact details.
  • Increase site visits.
  • Contact by phone.
  • Subscribing to the newsletter.
  • Customer communication.
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Building customer relationships, increasing loyalty.
  • Visits to a stationary store.
  • Installation of the mobile application.
  • Many others depending on the enterprise.

It is worth better familiarizing yourself with the capabilities of individual tools because each can meet our goal often in a different way.

The effectiveness of digital marketing activities and the waiting time for effects

Internet marketing ads are distinguished by several important features from traditional marketing activities. How Digital Marketing Activities Help

Measurability and analytical tools

The measurability of online advertising is one of the biggest advantages. Compared to traditional activities, we get extremely advanced statistics on the amount spent, costs of individual activities, data on the group of recipients, the number of views for unique users, etc. We are assisted by extensive analytical tools that track many user activities on the Internet.

Target groups

The tools offered by internet marketing allow reaching very strict target groups. We can have extremely extensive knowledge about a group of clients, not only their age, gender, or location, but also interests, behaviors, life events, work data, activity on social media, visited pages of our website, and many others. This enables the construction of many target groups to which we can direct our activities.

Costs control

How Digital Marketing Activities Help Us In 2020
Building Targeted Groups

Many online marketing tools allow you to strictly control the cost per activity, e.g. clicking on an ad, 1,000 video views, watching a product, or buying a product. The entire cost of a campaign can also have an exact daily or monthly budget.

While in traditional marketing the costs are often very high regardless of the activities, so many digital marketing tools allow you to operate on smaller budgets.

Speed ​​of action and flexibility

Some network marketing activities are unique because of their speed and effects. With a committed community, e.g. on Instagram, uploading a relationship can take a moment, and after a few minutes, we already have the chained attention of our followers. Starting and checking an advertising campaign on Facebook or Google Ads can take only a few moments and the tool can already begin to achieve our business goal. In addition, many of these activities can be launched in the field thanks to smartphones. Taking a few photos of the stand at trade fairs, quick upload to social media, promotion to the nearest neighborhood, and all this from your mobile? No problem.

Most of the activities are also quite flexible compared to traditional marketing. Tools often allow ongoing control and dynamic changes, e.g. change of advertising message.

Of course, there are marketing steps that require long-term actions. Website construction, effective website positioning, or content marketing require adequate work and time. Creating an engaged community on social media can take months. Also, every advertising campaign cannot be left alone and requires constant checking and optimization.

Contact with the customer

How Digital Marketing Activities Help Us In 2020
Communication on Messenger

Digital marketing also gives enormous possibilities of two-way contact with the client, unlike traditional marketing, e.g. TV commercials or press information, where the message is one-sided and the client cannot exchange information quickly and directly. The Internet can become a basic communication channel with recipients.

The user can comment on posts posted by us on an ongoing basis, quickly ask a question via Messenger or Instagram Direct or write a long polemic under our blog article. Or maybe create a live video and answer the questions asked in the comments?

What to look for when planning a budget for Internet marketing?

One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing is the measurability of results and cost control. Careful planning of budgets for individual channels can protect us from burning money. How Digital Marketing Activities Help

When planning your budget for online activities, pay attention to:

  • Selection of the right marketing tool or set thereof, depending on the company’s industry, goals to be achieved, potential customers, etc. Each tool may differ in the billing scheme and costs.
  • Do we expect immediate effects from a given tool or should we focus on long-term actions?
  • How and with what tools are we going to observe the effects of activities. Will we get action reports when working with an external company?
  • The amount of costs depends on the season. Campaigns may have higher costs during an increased seasonal competition, e.g. during Black Friday or pre-Christmas.
  • The budget of our campaign should be adjusted to the company’s capabilities.
  • The budget should also be chosen at least at such an amount that it is possible to analyze and optimize activities. Some tools may require, for example, a minimum daily budget for effective operation.

The costs associated with certain actions should also be taken into account. Digital marketing may require the work of many specialists, not just programmers or social media managers.

Can you do internet marketing yourself?

The relative intuitiveness of the tools and the wide availability of knowledge (also in Polish) means that many activities can be carried out without problems. A huge number of free and paid guides allow you to launch marketing activities without the help of a specialist. By strictly adhering to the advertising principles of a given platform, we can avoid basic errors that would lead to, for example, very poor results or blocked ads.

Easy entry into digital marketing

The vast majority of digital marketing platforms are created with the simplest and intuitive operation in mind. How Digital Marketing Activities Help

There are many platforms that allow you to easily and independently set up a website, which has special modules and attached guides that allow you to improve the visibility of our website in search results.

In the case of campaigns, such advertising platforms as Facebook Ads or Google Ads themselves provide simplified versions of their managers to create campaigns, enabling the use of their capabilities by subsequent companies. From the fan page level, we can easily launch several advertising campaigns, and Google provides its easy-to-set Smart Campaign (formerly AdWords Express) ad. It is also worth paying attention to Google Internet Revolutions introducing us to the basics of many digital marketing activities.

How Digital Marketing Activities Help Us In 2020
How to use Digital Marketing

How to get better results from the competition?

Creating a page in the wizard, putting the inscription on the photo, sticking to several positioning rules or simple advertising campaigns are available and possible to handle by many entrepreneurs or managers in companies. But how will their actions compete with those of professionals? You should take into account the huge potential, knowledge, and capabilities of the tools that digital marketing gives us, as well as their constant changes.

While in the case of simple actions there is no problem with launching the campaign, if we want to maximize the potential of Internet marketing, we have two options to choose from: How Digital Marketing Activities Help

  • continuous education in this field,
  • hiring a specialist.

It is also extremely important to stay up to date. The extraordinary variability of digital marketing, development of tools, withdrawal from unsuccessful solutions, changes in algorithm rules, new regulations, launching beta tests, etc. mean that specialists from digital marketing must constantly monitor the industry, with some activities even on a daily basis.

In addition, many entrepreneurs or managers complain about a chronic lack of time. We are one of the busiest nations in Europe – so how do you find extra time to develop your online advertising skills?

The specialist also has many years of experience and knowledge related to many industries. Most often he has cooperated with many companies for years and thanks to his practical skills he will be able to choose the right digital marketing tools to meet the company’s goals.

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How Digital Marketing Activities Help. We are in the time of the digital revolution and the online world has become an extremely important part of our lives using the services of entire digital marketing agencies in the package, we usually have the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills of many experts who have been dealing with their specialty for years. For creating web pages will be responsible developers, the positioning will take care of SEO specialists, computer graphic image, marketing network specialists SEM and social media managers will. Thanks to this, every branch of Internet marketing activities is handled by a person with many years of experience in a given field. Thank you for enduring to the end, we hope that after reading this post you already know what digital marketing is.

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