How to Advertise on Facebook? Best Examples of Ads

How to advertise on Facebook. You can exchange infinitely many concepts for an interesting Facebook advertisement. Constantly changing trends are mobilizing advertisers to invent and create creative Facebook ads. However, all ideas must first be adapted to the goal we want to achieve, as well as to the available formats, which we will also tell you a little bit about today.

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Types and examples of ads on Facebook

How to advertise on Facebook

Colorful ads

Depending on what advertising goals on Facebook we choose, we will also have different types of ads at our disposal. Of course, the most popular and most common are single graphics. The most popular are squares and vertical images in 4: 5 format.

The first example of an interesting advertising creation is the use of contrasting colors. If you want advertising campaigns to stand out when scrolling through the news feed, you can bet on neon signs and strong colors. Even a small insert in bright tones can affect the interest of recipients. When advertising a product with a distinctive shade, let’s focus on displaying it, just as the DAKO brand did, presenting cobalt doors.

From time to time, you can use a trick in your advertising creations and change e.g. a frame from blue to red. Thanks to this you can check what your recipients have reacted to better. How to advertise on Facebook

Sports brands like Reebok often rely on neon lights. This is not surprising because such colors often appear in their collections of sports clothes and shoes. These colors are also eagerly used by brands that we usually associate with a calm tone, such as Calzedonia. This is an excellent proof that it is worth trying different ways to attract the attention of customers.

Do you dream about mobile advertising on Facebook? The carousel will fulfill this role perfectly. You can use the potential of this advertising format and create a kind of story thanks to the tiles. Let their background form a coherent whole. By clicking step by step, users can learn much more than just single graphics. In the carousels, you can also use a short video.

Facebook collection

Remaining in the mobile advertising convention on Facebook, we cannot skip the collection! Although this format is only available on mobile, it works great when we want to direct recipients directly to selected products. We can also build a collection on the basis of a catalog and show four specific things or randomly selected from our resources. Thanks to the latter option, the creative can be a dynamic advertisement, worth using e.g. in remarketing.

More or less known influencers in Facebook ads

Effective Facebook advertising is one that will lead our customers to purchase or other conversions, e.g. to like the page. It is worth using the image of famous people, especially those who are recognized only in circles associated with the industry of our brand. Even a rising YouTube culinary star, with a crowd of viewers of his films, can be a great advertisement for food products, and the use of her character in advertising will not be as expensive as world-class chefs. Of course, the higher your influencer recognition, the better!

Advertising-supported by research

How to advertise on Facebook

Nothing works for consumers like hard evidence of effective products. Use opinions, surveys, research results, and present them in your ads, e.g. as infographics. How to advertise on Facebook

Ads using customer photos

Sometimes our customers’ lens can catch some nice shots, which of course can be used in commercials with their consent. Our recipients will certainly appreciate the different arrangements and styles. It’s worth choosing only the best quality photos.

Large inscriptions on ads

How to advertise on Facebook

A lot of text in graphics is not welcome by Facebook’s advertising system, and sponsored content may be limited for excess subtitles, but sometimes you can cleverly cheat this tightening. Inscriptions that are large in size and occupy most of the surface are completely unnoticed by the blue portal algorithms. You can also use high contrast background and subtitles, use italics or many other tricks to confuse the algorithm.

Graphics using the frame

All maneuvers allowed! Especially those thanks to which we will be able to attract the attention of buyers. It’s a good idea to try the ad variant with a frame, remembering that the product would still be the main character. The most interesting frame will look in the photo carousel.

If you have remarketing campaigns based on the Facebook product catalog, you can prepare the frame itself with a transparent background and add it as an overlay at the last stage of creating an ad. Thanks to this, you don’t have to prepare many pictures. Unfortunately, this technique will not work in other types of ads than those based on the product catalog.

Inspiration from life in campaigns

How to advertise on Facebook

We really like to watch other people live and we often get inspiration from them. Observing scenes from the lives of people similar to us, sometimes we feel like duplicating their choices. Customers also follow this pattern and subconsciously want what they see in the picture. Sometimes a subliminal message can give us more than direct sales.

Targeting based on age, gender and life events

The more we adapt our creation to the group of recipients, the better the effect we can achieve. The Facebook advertising system gives us the ability to precisely narrow down the target, e.g. based on age, gender, life events, etc. In advertisements for products targeted at young women, let’s not show e.g. seniors.

Video advertisement on Facebook

Nothing catches the eye on Facebook and elsewhere like the dynamic video! And it can be much cheaper to promote. If you have the opportunity to prepare a short film or animation (necessarily with subtitles) do it. By the way, it is also worth following the tips mentioned earlier in individual examples of Facebook ads.ake an animated advertisement

Measure conversion from the Facebook campaign

How to advertise on Facebook


How to advertise on Facebook. In the end, the best indicator of the effectiveness of your ad will be the final conversion, i.e. the user’s achievement of the goal you care about. The conversion can be liking the profile, going to the website, or buying a product from your online store. Monitor the effects of your ads on an ongoing basis and enjoy different forms of creation in Social Media. You can also be inspired by the ideas of other advertisers from around the world! Where? Read our entry and learn How to preview competitors’ ads 

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