How To Choose The Best Clickbank Products In 2020

Best ClickBank Products To Promote 2020

How To Choose The Best Clickbank Products. Hello Affiliate Friend! In this short post, you will easily learn⭐ how to choose the best Clickbank products to promote . Successor failure is usually closely related to the products you have selected. So put your belt on and turn on the turbines because you will know the information that will help you recognize profitable products on the Market Clickbank.

How To Choose The Best Clickbank Products

At first, selecting seems simple enough; You register and choose among Clickbank’s best-selling products.

Then you create your HopLink and place it in your best location, done! A few weeks later …

… You start to wonder why you haven’t made a sale.

Sure, you’re beginning to suspect that perhaps you should have been more careful when choosing the best Clickbank products of 2020 !

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Best ClickBank Products 2020 to Promote!

▷ Read this article where you will understand the research steps to find the best products it offers to make money with Clickbank as an affiliate.

You will be surprised when you begin to master this technique and understand that what sells the most at Clickbank, are not usually the best-selling products.

Best ClickBank Products to Buy:

Let’s start

Four Factors to Analyze Clickbank Products

The following factors are important in choosing the best profitable Clickbank products. They require special attention from you to avoid losing money, time, and efforts when starting your job.



No. 1. Commission Factor

Commissions are the juiciest! However, you and I know that ” not everything that glitters is gold.”

Some products offer 75% commissions and are priced at $ 7 … it doesn’t seem all that attractive. So the question to ask here is: How much am I going to earn in total?

Keep in mind that you can promote products that only pay once. There are also those who do it for additional and recurring sales.

Thus, if a product whose price is $ 7 and its commission of 80%…. But you have additional sales or it is recurring payment … because the profits are beginning to be juicy and our product is profitable.

No. 2. Image Quality Factor Coherence

The quality of the product that we are going to promote is key. Here you should pay close attention.

Take out the magnifying glass you have prepared to take a deep look at the sales page, where you will send your customers through your hop link.

  • Does the product provide a possible solution to the exposed problem?
  • As it does? What benefits will the buyer obtain?
  • Who or who are the authors? Do they exist, are they professionals?
  • Is the product page neat, tidy, and reliable?
  • Do you use images consistent with the theme and of good quality?
  • Is the writing simple, engaging, consistent, and easy on the eyes?
  • Is it clearly readable in different sizes?
  • If you have a video: how is the audio, what images does it have, how does it end…
  • What are the free bonuses?

ALL> You must study each corner of the product since this is the most effective and free tool you have.

No. 3. Sales Probability Factor

Clickbank’s always controversial Gravity Fact gives us the idea of a sale for each product. So also competition.

When the competition is very high, the commissions are liquefied. So never take this factor as decisive in your choice of product. On the contrary, it is interesting to know the sales level of a product.

When the competition is very high, the commissions are liquefied.

Another great thing to know if the product will be sold is the solution-price ratio. If the price is very high, then sales will be less . On the other hand, if it is very low, sales may be more … but the commissions will be very small.

???? Recommendation: Look for a product where the price is balanced and that your customers can pay.

No. 4. Commitment Factor

This factor is important because it represents the level of commitment of the creator of the product to all its affiliates.

If you are a novice, look for a quality product that offers various affiliate tools such as banners, emails, articles, alternative pages, etc. …

Search the Clickbank market or (in general) at the bottom of the product page for your link to your promotional tools.

The absence of an affiliate section may mean that the creator or author does not have affiliate marketing experience in mind or lack.

Products NEVER Choose From Click Bank Marketplace

If the product has any of the following characteristics????, then I would not promote it: you may lose money, time, and effort. Pay attention.

How To Choose The Best Clickbank Products


  • ⛔ Other forms of payment. If the customer buys using PayPal or Western Union; there are no commissions.
  • ⛔ When requesting an email you should make sure that it respects your affiliate link.
  • ⛔ If your hoplink ends up in a blog or store, think better of looking for one that ends in a solution.
  • ⛔ If the product sales page has links to any other page that is NOT the payment page. Worse, the buy button lacks.
  • ⛔ Without the necessary commissions, you will never have a profitable business, much less automatic.
  • ⛔ If what the product proposes is impossible.
  • ⛔ If it does not fit my market sector.
  • ⛔ If the product page is in another language or is horribly translated.

What does it mean when Clickbank shows «Statistics not available». Should we promote this product or not?

When a product says “Statistics not available” it is referring to the fact that it does not have enough data to generate it. But this, you should take as a precaution.

These products are “zero gravity”, that is, they have had no sales.

The recommendable thing here is to analyze the other factors that allow the viability of the info product to be predicted and draw real conclusions.

Let’s think for a moment, maybe the product is very new and very promising, will you stay out?

Simple Selection Step-By-Step Method ????

To choose the best Clickbank products you can use this simple method of my humble authorship.

Step By Step Method


The idea is to quickly select the three best products within your category.

❤️ First Step

Choose the Best Clickbank Products as follows:

  • The most serious product.
  • The most popular product.
  • The product offers the most commission.

❤️ Second Step

You must “Remove from your list” those products that contain the factors that you should never choose .

❤️ Third Step.

Now take note of the quality of the product. You can do it on paper or better, a spreadsheet.

Put the name of the products in the first column. Those that remain:

  1. What is the average percentage per sale? (Avg.% / Vta)
  2. How do you pay commissions: only 1 time, for each sale after the first sale or recurrently?
  3. Does the product offer affiliate tools that you can use to promote it?
  4. Are the website and the product quality, with a good image, with consistency?
  5. Is the price of the product high, too small, or balanced?
  6. Do you have too much competition? (Grav.)

❤️ Fourth Step.

Now look at all these annotations and select the one that best suits your market.

❤️ Fifth Step.

Take action with your powerful promotion method!

If you are still not very clear about what your powerful method is, then you should read How to promote a Clickbank product

Starting to Choose the Best Clickbank Products

If you start to have the suspicion that such time should be devoted more carefully when choosing your Clickbank product of 2020. It begins as follows>

How To Choose The Best Clickbank Products

In this short post we have learned those factors to take into account when choosing the best products from Clickbank:

  • Commission factor
  • The quality factor, image, coherence
  • Probability of sales factor
  • Commitment factor

Also, now we know how to recognize products that we never choose. Those where there is a risk of losing commissions or simply will never sell.

We can apply a simple step-by-step method of effective selection to choose the best Clickbank products to sell as an affiliate.

Remember in many cases success or failure is usually closely related to the products you have selected.

???? Good Luck!

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