Instagram Algorithm Update: Working And Creating Content 2020

Instagram Algorithm: Working And Creating Content. When Instagram changed its algorithm on the home screen and posts stopped displaying chronologically in the feeds. This produced countless complaints and protests from companies and users, who found it much more difficult to reach their audience with the publications, reducing their reach and the business model to which they were accustomed.

Until now many still do not understand what happened.

So that you know how to handle your following Instagram posts and can reach the audience you want, we have prepared this post.

What Is The Algorithm of Instagram?

Instagram Algorithm

For many, the Instagram algorithm that affects the news feed is the only or the most important, and it may be the most important, but not the only one.

There are others that we must analyze in order to develop a formula that allows us to get the most out of the social network platform.

On Instagram, the priority that publications have for the rest of the users of the social network is currently determined by three main algorithms:

And last but not least, there are two more algorithms that have been added since 2017, which, although they are not of great importance or may affect the scope of the publications of any account on Instagram, are worth mentioning and talking a little about them. 

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Algorithm of Instagram Hashtag Follow

Hashtag Follow’s Instagram algorithm kicks in within the platform when a user follows a hashtag and plays an important role in determining which posts to show them.

Algorithm of Instagram Places

The Instagram Places algorithm determines which posts are prioritized based on the location or locations shown in both normal posts and user stories.

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How Does The Algorithm of Instagram Work?

Actually there are three algorithms for Instagram, the positioning of the posts in the feeds, the stories, and the hashtags.

They work almost independently, but despite being in different sectors of the platform, they are related.

For example, the algorithm of Instagram EdgeRank (which is in charge of controlling and positioning the publications in the feeds of each and every user) indirectly influences the variables that define the results in the algorithm of Instagram Stories Relevance.

How does the algorithm of Instagram EdgeRank influence the results of Stories Relevance?

This interaction between the named Instagram algorithms can be explained in a brief way.

The position of stories on the home screen depends on several factors, one of them is the interaction with the posts of other accounts and most of the interactions happen in the feed that controls the algorithm of EdgeRank.

In the same way, the Instagram Hashtag Search algorithm can make a post with good use of hashtags increase interactions with other users, which would improve its position in the EdgeRank algorithm.

Without a doubt, the three algorithms are autonomous, but they complement each other to obtain a more complete and personalized final result for all users of the social network.

Instagram Algorithm For Stories

This algorithm, better known as the Instagram Stories Relevance algorithm, is the answer to these questions:

Who decides which stories should be viewed first? What or who decides how long the stories are viewed? Who takes into account my account interactions to give me the priority in the stories section of other users?

That’s right, this algorithm has the function of determining the priority of our stories for the users who follow us.

The aspects it takes into account are directly related to the interaction that occurs in our account:

  • The number of people who show they like the posts we upload.
  • The number of private messages we receive.
  • The times we are wanted,
  • Nearby people who follow us.

Other variables that come into play when giving us some type of priority are the viewing time that each story lasts, the number of views it gets, and the number of private messages it generates.

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How to beat the Instagram algorithm?

We finally got to the most important thing, so surely you were wondering and wanted or needed to know, how to beat the Instagram algorithm?

Sure, now you’re wondering, which of the Instagram algorithms? It is true, we mention three important ones.

And to clarify a bit, we now turn to the EdgeRank algorithm. The main one of all because it alters the results presented by the other two and because it is the most relevant in the social network for users.

To beat this Instagram algorithm I will give you nine easy to understand and apply strategies and tactics.

With them, you can beat the system to increase your reach in each of your publications.

9 strategies to beat the Instagram algorithm:

1. Improve the quality of the images

According to information provided by the same company, Instagram gives the highest rankings in feeds depending largely on the quality of the content.

They must be creations made with the greatest possible care and, at the same time, attractive; it’s something that might be a bit obvious.

Of course, quality is useless if the content is not good, because it loses its potential without good image quality, they go hand in hand and only in this way can they occupy the first places in the feeds.

The contents that you like the most and are usually shared on Instagram are the visually striking ones.

Breathtaking scenery, bright colors, good looks, and delicious-looking foods are the kind of posts that most people generally like.

So if you already have time creating quality and eye-catching content, you are above average and have more opportunities than the other 600 million Instagram users.

And if that’s not your case, then it’s time for you to start creating posts with professional or high-resolution images more often.

Because no matter what market your business is focused on (whether it is boring or lacking in flashy activities), good quality images earn more than those that don’t.

There are many, but many applications to improve or personalize your images on Instagram, take advantage of them.

2. Keep uploading consistent stories on a recurring basis

Many say and assure that the stories do not influence in any way the algorithm of Instagram EdgeRank, something that perhaps is true. The stories do not affect it directly, but what many ignore is that it does indirectly.

Should you bother and post more stories? Yes, if you want to improve your results with the EdgeRank algorithm .

Although most should suppose it, it is important to mention that to this day, stories have become the most popular type of content within Instagram.

There are already more than 500 million users who daily upload stories to their accounts, leaving traditional publications a little behind.

So more stories, less traditional posts? And if you better ask yourself why not both at the same time.

Stories are a way to stay constantly active without the commitment of traditional publishing. They engage the audience, you continue to teach them what you have to offer on a more recurring basis, and it places you in an important part of the feed.

In short, the use of stories will keep us more exposed and visible.

If what we offer in them is attractive enough, hopefully, they will enter our profile and interact with some of the publications and help us beat the algorithm of Instagram EdgeRank.

3. Post more content with videos

There is nothing to certify or ensure that videos have higher priority than photos. People on Instagram have never mentioned anything about it, which could lead us to the conclusion that both formats have the same importance within the platform.

So why more videos on Instagram?

The question is valid. However, let’s go deeper into the topic to understand why publishing more videos is an excellent and interesting proposal.

A few paragraphs above we talked about creating quality, striking content that generated interest in users, which is related to the videos. These are automatically played in the feeds of our followers. Are you following me? Not yet?

What better way to capture someone’s attention than with a captivating video? These are magnets for users to stop and just stare and wait for something that will surprise them.

With such action, a reproduction is generated and information is given to the algorithm that our publications attract interest.

Instagram has been working hard on the idea of ​​promoting its users to create and share more videos.

That has been the reason why they added IGTV for longer videos and also put the option that they could be seen in the feeds.

To end this point, the videos don’t need to be Hollywood creations. They just have to be purposeful, attractive, and decently crafted. Covering those details will probably generate significant activity on your profile.   

4. Do more live sessions

It is a modality that not everyone dares to use, since it can become intimidating due to the fact that you will show yourself live to many strangers.

However, despite the fact that, like stories, live videos do not have a direct or specific relationship with the algorithm of Instagram EdgeRank , it is worth mentioning and proposing it as one more method.

When using Instagram Live, notifications are generated to all your followers, who usually arouse curiosity among them, which will make you more visible for a while.

Live videos don’t need professional, polished content (depending on what you plan to do on it).

Fun, engaging, or user-friendly content (such as reporting a giveaway in which you invite them to interact in a post for a prize) is more than enough.

It is an option that you definitely have to contemplate and materialize, without a doubt.

5. Create more attractive titles for your publications

In the words of experts in social networks, such as, the algorithm of Instagram EdgeRank prioritizes the engagement of users.

That means that each “Like” and each comment are very important variables that will affect our place in the feeds of the people who follow us.

So, directly encouraging and motivating users to interact in posts is mandatory if we want to stand out and gain more followers for our accounts to grow.

Doing so is fairly straightforward, it takes just a little creativity and friendliness.

Tag people put questions that generate answers at the bottom of the posts, answer those who comment. Use the medium you have and get more interactions.

It is important to mention that you should not apply the same methodology for all publications. It is always good to maintain a healthy balance.   

If the content design is a stone in your shoe, consider how to create the best content plan for social media.

6. Hold contests or giveaways

I had already mentioned it before and it is better to go a little deeper to understand the relevance of this strategy that, every day, becomes more popular among Instagram users.

Many companies, influencers and brands understood this long ago. Running contests is one of the best ways to gain interactions and followers that guarantee a good edge against the Instagram EdgeRank algorithm.

There is not much to say about these contests. The way to do them depends on each one because there are no exact rules.

My only advice is that you see some examples from other contests and understand something about the rules that Instagram has when doing these activities.

7. Use the powerful resource of hashtags

This is one of the most useful and simple resources to use on social networks. They are wonderful to capture users of all kinds and who did not even follow us.

This strategy of including hashtags in the content of our publications guarantees that they can search and find us through this very popular means.

Combining with hashtags a product, the community, keywords, and brands, we make a recipe that will be available to many users who would not see us otherwise.

To clarify a bit, there are no limits on how many hashtags you can put in a post (the maximum number of characters, of course), but it is recommended that they are not too many.

We have concluded that the appropriate amount is 9 hashtags per post, although there are brands that place more than 15 and do well. Ideally, place the most specific ones on what we show or offer in the publication.

8. Try to do the posts at peak hours

An obvious fact? However, there are many people who do not take it into account when uploading their publications and end up posting them in the early morning or very early in the morning.

Many agree that this is the best and most direct way to beat the simple Instagram algorithm, posted during rush hour.

While this doesn’t guarantee you an overwhelming amount of activity from your followers, doing so greatly improves your odds rather than when they’re asleep.

The activity of the followers of each account is different, but most of it is always concentrated at peak times. Start doing it and you are sure to notice even a small improvement.

9. Post, post, and post more!

Yes, post more. Don’t be afraid, nothing will stop you from increasing the frequency with which you upload material to Instagram.

Doing so will give you greater relevance and notoriety among the followers of your account. It will allow you to experiment and evaluate which content is the most-liked and provokes interactions. It will teach you more about the audience you want to reach.

A daily publication is a minimum if you really want the account to grow at a good pace.

How to break the algorithm of Instagram?

The best way to break the algorithms of Instagram is by paying attention to the interaction of our account while we keep testing which or what type of publications are most convenient for us based on the engagement they generate.

The most important key is to understand what our target audience likes or wants most of our publications and we can understand it using functions that statistically measure the results of the interactions that the publications we have had.

At the same time, we are obtaining greater numbers of interactions that show the algorithms that we have relevance. These will give us higher priority in the feed and in the stories.

The idea of ​​breaking the algorithms of Instagram can be concretized by covering all the spaces and taking care of the details to achieve publications that generate impact and interest.

The algorithm of Instagram cannot be hacked, but you can learn to defeat it and use it to your advantage.

How to understand the algorithm of Instagram?

To understand Instagram’s algorithms, you just need to think a little and analyze its functions. They are made to customize the priority of the order of the publications that appear on the home screen.

They take into account the way and the amount in which users interact with the publications of the accounts that follow to connect more the viewer with the product.

These were made with the intention of providing a more beneficial experience that gives each user more than what they have been showing they like; the posts in the accounts that you like the most, in which you comment the most, to which you send private messages and in which you see the most stories.  

New algorithm for Instagram 2019

The new Instagram algorithm has not been candy for most Instagram users, those who use an account for advertising or marketing purposes. This is due to changes that have affected the way posts are ordered in the feed.

Publications are said to now have just 10% of their full reach.

This percentage is due to the fact that the priority on the home screen when ordering the publications, is given to the accounts with which the users interact the most.

If what you want is to advertise and you do not have many followers who interact with your publications, they will go far down the feed. They will be an effort in vain because they will not reach many.

Instagram algorithm June 

Among the multiple updates that were made to the platform in 2019, it is rumored that changes were made in the algorithms of Instagram EdgeRank and in the algorithm of Instagram Stories Relevance. However, little is known or has been clarified in this regard.

Testing hasn’t shown much, so we should continue to work based on the three already known algorithms: the Instagram PageRank algorithm, the Instagram Stories Relevance algorithm, and the Instagram Hashtag Search algorithm.

Algorithm for Instagram stories

Instagram stories have become a daily activity in more than 500 million users of the social network.

They are impressively popular for the simplicity of the quick process of making and uploading them to immediately continue connecting with your followers.

Nearly 90% of all active Instagram users have uploaded a story to their account on at least one occasion.

That is the reason why this Instagram algorithm has great importance and relevance for companies, brands, and people, for anyone who does or intends to do business on the platform.

Officially known as the Instagram Stories Relevance algorithm, it is responsible for determining which users and with what priority to show them the stories of the accounts that follow.

To put it more clearly, let’s ask ourselves the following questions:

Why does José see Carlos’s story and why does he see it ordered after María’s? And at the same time, why does María see Carlos’s story in the first place, before José’s?

Who decides on that? Sure, the algorithm for Instagram Stories Relevance .

What determines the result of the algorithm?

The software engineer on Instagram, Thomas Dimson, reviewed by said that to understand this algorithm, it is necessary to take into account certain aspects that directly influence the results of this algorithm based on the accounts stories:

  • Whose content you like frequently.
  • Accounts you are looking for.
  • To which you send or exchange private messages.
  • From people, you meet outside of Instagram or in everyday life.

Algorithm Stories Relevance – other variables that influence its result

We must also add three more variables that supposedly alter the algorithm’s final result (position):

  • Display the duration of each story.
  • The volume of messages caused by the story.
  • The number of views for each story.

It is necessary to clarify that so far there is no experiment or official Instagram statement that determines in a 100% sure way the reliability or real importance of these variables.

However, something very interesting has been verified, the stories that are viewed less seconds are the ones that they like the least or generate interactions, so their number of views decreases.

Understanding this, we dare to say that the stories that are displayed the longest are the ones that they like the most and generate the most interactions, which causes the algorithm of Instagram to give them more priority so that more people continue to see it.

It makes sense, don’t you think?

Algorithm of Instagram EdgeRank

The algorithm of Instagram EdgeRank is one of the most important and the one that has caused more controversy or annoyance in a community of almost a billion users.

This is because EdgeRank is in charge of setting the priority of the topics that are shown to each user in their Instagram feed (the first posts you see when opening the application). This benefits some and others not so much. The easiest way to explain it is with an example:

If we created two accounts on Instagram and from both we followed the same 100 personal or brand accounts, when we entered the application from each of the two accounts we would find some feeds ordered in very different ways.

Why? Because this Instagram algorithm establishes the priorities of the publications that users see in their initial menus by the behavior of each of them and their interactions on the platform:

Which ones do they like, in which they comment the most, in which profiles do they enter most often, with which do they exchange messages?

What determines the result of the algorithm?

One of the main software engineers in charge of managing Instagram algorithms, Thomas Dimson, explained that EdgeRank provides its results based on different interaction variables on the platform. These results are:

The accounts that have content that you like or comment on, the ones you are looking for, with which you have the exchange of private messages and the accounts of people you know outside of Instagram, in real life.

Dimson also explained that one of the reasons for the algorithm change was due to the fact that a large part of the publications are not uploaded at times when users are very active, which means that many images are not displayed because they appear very low. in the feed.

Basically this has been the main reason why the change in the algorithm of Instagram.  

And although it affected in a certain way, at the same time it produced interesting results that indicate an increase in:

  • The number of users per day.
  • The impressions and interactions in the time that people spend within the social network.
  • The number of posts that are uploaded daily.

Latest Instagram algorithm: Algorithm Instagram Hashtags

This algorithm of Instagram is one of the least studied or to which very little attention is paid, given that its influence does not directly alter the platform’s home screen; The feed and stories have their own algorithms that are in charge of positioning the user’s posts.

The algorithm of Instagram Hashtags Search is in charge of prioritizing when searching for a hashtag or when clicking on one, to highlight the most convenient photos or publications to the appropriate users.

A short time ago, it was believed that the publications that stood out the most in hashtags were because they belonged to accounts with thousands of followers; “It was what gave them relevance.”

Decrypting the algorithm of Instagram Hashtag Search

Independent studies have broken that myth, managing to prioritize Instagram account posts with follower numbers of less than 1,000 users.

That has made these publications appear ahead of 4 million similar ones.

For a better understanding of the operation of this algorithm, an analysis was carried out in which certain tests were carried out.

The case

Many and different images were uploaded to separate Instagram accounts, from different locations and times. This in order to observe the number of interactions that each of them received through the hashtags. There was a case that aroused special interest.

One of the images that managed to position itself among the outstanding ones, ahead of more than 4 million other similar publications. It barely had 434 interactions, but in a relatively short time in relative terms. This showed that the wrong variable was being investigated.

Apparently, the priority of a post in the hashtags is not because of the volume of isolated interactions it receives, but because of the time, these interactions occur from the time of publication.

There is still no clear and precise formula that dictates what parameters are needed to get priority in this algorithm. However, continuing with these tests gives us hope, unless the algorithm is updated.

How does the Instagram Stories algorithm work?

Instagram Stories was a job by the Facebook team to try to transform Instagram into a copy of the popular social network Snapchat.

But as almost always, things went better for Mark Zuckerberg than he expected, and by mid-April 2017, there were already more than 200 million active users uploading stories on their Instagram accounts, compared to 150 million active users. from Snapchat.

The Instagram Stories Relevance algorithm is what determines which stories are prioritized for users and at what level.

According to Thomas Dimson, one of Instagram’s software engineers, how the algorithm works is based on four main aspects to determine who our stories will come out on top of.

1. Interaction with our account

As we have said several times throughout this post, the more interactions there are with our account, the more reasons we will give the algorithm to prioritize us in the segment of the stories of those users committed to our account.

2. Interaction by private messages

It’s easy to understand, isn’t it? That they send us many private messages is a good sign for this Instagram algorithm.

It is not known if our response also increases the chances of better positioning, but it does guarantee that followers will be satisfied by it, which could generate more messages in the future.

3. The searches

It is simply that the more times we are searched, the algorithm of Instagram Stories Relevance will understand that we are doing something right and our stories will have a little more opportunity against the competition.

4. Contacts outside of Instagram

There’s not much to do in this part unless we’re very popular off the shelf and have a lot of fans we deal with in real life, live in the same city as us, or have locations nearby.

The algorithm takes this into account when making us relevant in the stories.

Tricks for the Instagram algorithm

Looking for another approach, I could give you the following tricks to get the most out of the Instagram algorithm:

Using Instagram stories more frequently

The Instagram stories, despite being a copy of what the social network Snapchat offered, was very popular from the beginning.

Today it is almost unthinkable to imagine Instagram without their stories, they are already part of our daily life.

So they have great power and reach over our followers and, at the same time, if we get good interactions thanks to them, we will have a higher priority with the EdgeRank algorithm. This is what would give us a better location within the feeds.

Identify the content that generates the most interactions

This is something that anyone who is serious about using their Instagram account should do. And it is not very difficult or complicated. The platform offers a function that allows you to know the performance of your publications.


-Take into account what type of publications favor you: advertisements, tutorials, or casual content.

-The performance of hashtags.

-Which formats attract your audience the most: images, carousels, or videos.

Study carefully so that the next steps you take within Instagram are more beneficial to the results of the algorithms.

Add more videos to your posts

Videos that play automatically function as magnets for users.

They always attract attention and can lead to interactions or, at least, a time of permanence in the publication, which will add points and send good signals to the Instagram algorithm.

Post in the best hours

We share the review made in this regard by the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia.

Finding the best hours shouldn’t be difficult, per se, there are general peak times when people tend to use social media more often and often.

Posting during these hours does not guarantee you anything in particular, but it is a window of opportunities to get interactions and hopefully new followers to grow the account.

Keep good contact with your followers

If you want to create commitment in your followers, you must also demonstrate that you are with them. Although with an account with thousands of them it can be very demanding, it is fair and necessary to invest a little time in this end.

Answering private messages and answering comments with a humane treatment will steal many minutes of your life, but it will ensure you gain loyal and committed followers.

Make content designed to create commitment and loyalty with your followers

To get participation in our publications, we have to create them, so that they promote it, they ask for it.

Ask your followers questions in the texts, ask them for opinions, that they label friends indirectly (for example: do you have a friend who also likes beers?).

How to position a brand on Instagram?

To position a brand on Instagram, you need to change the way accounts and publications were worked.

From the application of the new algorithms on Instagram, it is no longer just about the time and the number of followers.

The positioning of our publications (those that will give birth to our brand) will depend directly on the interactions that users have with our Instagram account.

Later in this post, I will tell you how to beat the Instagram algorithm and also some tricks for the same purpose, with which you will get priority in the publications you make, and with them, you can position your brand.

As we have seen, once you understand how the algorithms of Instagram work, what they are for, and – of course – how to beat them, you can put together a better strategy on this social network and thus ensure that your account continues to grow.

And even if you can’t alter it, now you know what happens to the Instagram algorithm, how to beat the Instagram algorithm and how to use the Instagram algorithm to your advantage.


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