What is Megamarketing And How to Apply In 2021

Megamarketing. is a concept created by Philip Kotler to define a work that deals with aspects that go far beyond the relationship between a brand and its audience. In this field, external factors that impact the credibility and solidity of a company in the market are evaluated and managed.

Communication between a company and its audience is a fundamental part of what we know as classic Marketing , but there are also administrative and political issues involved when it comes to positioning a company in front of society. Therefore, it is essential to better understand what Megamarketing is.

The dimensions of marketing go far beyond the context in which buyers and sellers transact. There is also a broader dimension composed of the influence of public policies, labor groups, commercial entities, and large authorities in the interests of companies.

Understanding this concept is essential to have a broader perception of the importance of Marketing and how the results of a company – especially its expansion in a market – go beyond the relationship with the public.

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What is Megamarketing?


Megamarketing is a concept created by Philip Kotler to address the elements of marketing that go beyond the relationship between a brand and its audience .

These are external factors that can affect the public perception of brands and impact their development and stabilization in the market. Kotler preaches in this idea the need for companies to apply efforts beyond positioning brands in a market and reaching their audience.

The idea of ​​managing external factors is to allow all these elements to be kept under control, basically guaranteeing two objectives:

  • eliminate negative influences from external factors (governments, entities, commercial groups, among others);
  • Obtain positive influence by encouraging large corporations to have a qualified perception of the brand, being able to influence the public’s perception of it.

How does this concept work?

The premise behind Megamarketing is that there is much more than advertising and public relations within Marketing.

As much as these are the most recurring themes and, in fact, they generate a more visible impact, since they are the main concern of marketing teams, it is necessary to carry out administrative work.

As consumers, it is common to be unaware of all the work behind a new company that has entered the market with a successful and upward brand building.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, its entire huge base, which is not visible, is the one that has a mega dimension and is composed of influences and good relationships. Megamarketing is what, in fact, guarantees the means to overcome barriers and open markets.

For a new technology to be launched by a smartphone manufacturer, for example, there is a lot of previous work, focused on approving and negotiating restrictions.

The importation of spare parts, the hiring of labor, and manufacturing authorizations are bureaucratic matters that must be negotiated to serve the interests of the public, businesses, and governments.

It is not simply about finding a way to launch a product or authorize the operation of a certain brand in a country.

Megamarketing’s work focuses on bringing, negotiating and strengthening relationships in order, from that moment, to be able to show groups and authorities that the interests at stake can be favorable to all. It is important to make it clear that Megamarketing must always be adjusted to the law.

How is Megamarketing applied in the market?


To gain space in the markets, expand operations to other countries, and, in general, to be able to act in a way that reaches their audience, companies need to apply Megamarketing.

This concept is carried out through a set of continuous efforts that will help to achieve the desired results, regardless of the level of complexity of the context in question. Next, we will show you how Megamarketing is applied through essential actions. 

Using the RR. PP.

The work of RR. PP. it is practically the starting point to adapt a company to external elements. Companies must not only be attentive to their audience and what they want, but also to the communities around them.

The public interest and its expectations will also shape the segment in question, so it is essential to understand and adapt to the environment. This department will also act together with the main media, ensuring that they can have the best possible perception of the company.

It is not about influencing or trying to sell a non-existent image, but about maintaining proximity to these vehicles and ensuring that they will always have access to the company’s position and how it is displayed to society.

Good work from HR. PP. must be fully aware of the social and market context to which the company adapts. Therefore, building the perfect environment for the performance of the company, considering the premises of Megamarketing, goes through the effort of this department.

Looking for power and impact

Impact and power are two desires that companies need to dominate markets and gain the necessary authority to promote and stabilize their brands.

These goals cannot be achieved solely with traditional advertising strategies. What defines the size of a company in its context is not just the audience it is trying to reach. To have a great influence, it is essential to be associated with the most relevant organizations in a market.

For example, working with associations related to the segment in question, the need to maintain a dialogue with governments and the opening to an increasingly close dialogue with those who have the power to decide.

We should not interpret the quest for power as greed or an attempt to improperly influence a market. Everything in marketing to be solid and durable has to be legitimate.

Powerful companies are built with dialogue, participation in the important decisions of the segment and, above all, availability. This generates growth for the brand and places it as one of the main competitors in its market.

Aiming for market expansion

Expanding borders is a common goal for many companies, be they multinationals or those looking to make this move for the first time. Entering a new country, with a new culture, habits and expectations from the public is not the only challenge.

Megamarketing helps you deal with bigger issues, like government policies that can prevent these companies from operating. Some countries impose restrictions on the arrival of new companies, limiting markets and controlling the freedom of foreign companies.

In such cases, the success of this new venture in another nation may depend on administrative efforts to generate proximity, showing the local government that there are advantages for all parties involved.

The removal of trade obstructions depends on negotiations and also on the ability to demonstrate the success of the arrival of a new competitor in the local industry. To achieve this, it is essential that there is a well-defined presentation strategy, something that is a direct work of the Megamarketing strategy.

Managing market perception

Products and services have a great impact on building the credibility of companies with the public and the market.

No matter how evident and striking it is for people, it is always important to study how Megamarketing has its relevant percentage in building the image of a company. This is only possible, too, if there are larger institutions that support it.

There is a lot of work to be done in front of media agencies, communication vehicles, sponsorships of relevance to society, support from regulatory bodies, among others. When the relationship is properly built with these institutions, brands can build a much more trustworthy name in different markets.

Often times, it is the approval of a larger institution that changes public opinion about a company. This is a job that is not only developed with simple advertising and marketing on traditional channels. The administrative and Public Relations section is essential.

How should companies perceive marketing changes?

Philip Kotler spoke about Megamarketing in 1986, and the concept becomes more relevant every day. There are many studies on how in such a short time all this vision has gained relevance. It is up to companies to know how to keep up with strategies, practices, and technologies.

Among the most modern and important concepts that Kotler has continued to develop, Marketing 4.0 is undoubtedly the one that best reflects the reality of the market and of companies at a time when technology and digital resources are setting the standard.

Companies will have to adapt to the digital transformation and their managers will have to be aware of changes, especially with regard to new digital technologies and the use of data. It is essential that they observe how new technologies impact the behavior of their consumers.

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