What Is Google Meet And How It’s Work?

Google Meet is the new video conferencing application to fight with Skype and Amazon Chime

What Is Google Meet And How It’s Work?. Google Meet is Google’s new video conferencing application to replace Hangouts in the professional arena. Another application to make video calls? Yes, that’s Google Meet, a new application that has appeared overnight and would come to occupy the Hangouts position within the suite of G Suite apps.

G Suite is a ‘pack’ of tools that Google offers to the business environment to work anywhere and they are the same tools that we all know: Drive, the entire office suite, as well as specific management and security tools. In the communication section, we find Hangouts as an application to make calls and video conferences, but Meet is its substitute.

Google Meet to replace Hangouts in the professional arena.

Google Meet

Hangouts fulfill its role very well when it comes to conferences, just like Skype, but it seems that Google wants to have a dedicated app for the professional world and that on Google Meet.

Google Meet is already accessible from its official website – meet.google.com  – and what we find when entering is practically an interface traced to Hangouts, but instead of showing our list of contacts or tools to start a new conference, which we have is a section to enter a meeting code.

These ‘codes’ are the unique passwords that will be created with each conference so that participants can only enter those meetings with prior knowledge. In addition, the next scheduled meetings will also appear, integrating with Google Calendar.

Application for mobile devices and web versions.

Of course, Google Meet will allow group videoconferences and, as reported by TechCrunch, the limit of participants is extended to 30 people simultaneously (Hangouts has a limit of 10). Of course, Google Meet also lands on mobile, iOS, and Android devices. It is the application in the App Store that gives us the most clues.

We will be able to see all the details about the participants, scheduled meetings and it will have integration with Gmail and Calendar, two main pillars of Google.

The meet has appeared without making much noise and not even Google has announced its availability yet, but it is an interesting move to offer a tool to facilitate communications from the professional public. Recall that just a few weeks ago Amazon introduced Chime, another very similar solution to dethrone Skype.

Google Meet is a video conferencing app for web browsers and mobile devices that focuses on the workplace and replaces Google Hangouts in G-Suite, a suite of Google Apps for professionals.

Unlike the most common use of Hangouts, it’s designed for the Google Meet work environment

The main difference with other company apps like Hangouts and Google Duo is a paid app that allows free video calls, unlike other apps like Houseparty, Zoom, or the recently launched Facebook Messenger Rooms.

To meet Google Meets, visit meet.google.com, or download the Android and iOS app. Upon entering the app, the user finds a simple interface, unlike Hangouts, that does not appear in the list of people and vehicles, but contains a completely empty area with a randomly changing background image. As shown in the image below, with a section on the right side where meeting codes are entered:

Google gathered

Meeting codes are unique passwords that are created for each video call. It is a safe way because only users with the code can access meetings. In this main interface, a list appears with the meetings that the user has scheduled through Google Calendar.

Only users with a G Suite account can create a meeting, share the meeting code, and link. Thanks to the integration with Google Calendar, it will also be possible to schedule this and send a notification to all participants. You do not need to have a G-Suite account to attend the meeting, it will suffice to get the invitation. Links created at Meet can be modified and customized to make them unique, and calls are encrypted in real-time to make meetings safer.

Even if the meeting has already started, you can join the meetings via a browser or a mobile app. However, it will only be possible to send text messages from the app browser version.

In addition, Google Meet has its own unique features:

  • Meetings of up to 250 participants: Google Meet provides space for video conferencing for up to 100 people in its basic version, but this number may increase to 250, depending on the payment plan available in G Suite.
  • Phone number: For users with a G-Suite Enterprise plan, Google Meet provides the option to create a phone number that is easily accessible to all users without WiFi or mobile phone for the data connection for each meeting.
  • Recording: The meeting allows you to record the meeting by allowing them to share teams with users who were unable to attend.
  • Presentations: Allows you to share live presentations via mobile phone. You can also share the screen and use the camera by zooming in and out at all times.

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